Including superannuation in a comprehensive financial plan has never been more important in ensuring Australians have sufficient money to fund the desired lifestyle needs in retirement. While employers are generally required to pay superannuation guarantee of 9% for employees who meet the prescribed guidelines under superannuation law, it is becoming more apparent that many Australians will still have insufficient levels of retirement savings.

Consequently the government has introduced significant taxation incentives that can be highly advantageous for those who regularly contribute to their superannuation in order to help bridge this gap. In reality too few are taking full advantage and too many are missing out on these additional savings opportunities.

Recent changes to superannuation laws have resulted in certain limits on how much can be contributed into super in any given year with the introduction to taxation penalties being applied to those that exceed these annual limits. So now more than ever there is a need to obtain financial advice around regularly contributing to superannuation to maximise your retirement savings and tax incentives without being penalised.

For further expert advice and guidance about superannuation and how these strategies can work for you, please feel free to contact our professional staff at Georgiou Financial Solutions.

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